The jewelry of BOHEMIACOLLECTION is mainly made from brass. Some are gold or silver plated but then the core is still brass. We also have a sterling silver collection. 

Brass is an alloy consisting of copper and zinc which gives it it´s beautiful colour and makes it 100% nickel free. The colour will not change with time since it´s brass all the way through but the surface might become matte when the metal is exposed to moist, air and sweat. A lot of people like the way brass shifts with time and gets a worn patina. But if you prefer it shiny again you simply polish your jewellery. Brass polish can be found in any supermarket. In Sweden there is a brand called "Häxan" If you prefer your jewelry shiny, make sure to polish it on a regular basis since it´s easier to keep it sparkling. 

Remember that all jewelry is happy when kept in a dark closed space, In a small cloth bag for example. All ear hooks and chain is gold or silver plated brass chain. A lot of people with metal allergies that normally only wears pure gold appreciate that they can wear our jewelry as an option and often return for more pieces. But if you experience any trouble just let us know and we will find a solution for you. 

If you're having trouble getting your jewelry as clean as you would like, you can always send it to our studio for professional cleaning without any charge. Just remember to write your address so we can return your jewelry. Make sure to write "cleaning" on the note with your address so we know why you send it back. 

Send or drop it of at:
Mia Svensson
Ronnebygatan 1d
211 58 Malmö